Core Concepts

LiquiStake's Yield Generation

Primary Yield Source

Validating & settling bets on SX:

LiquiStake delegates and stakes deposited WSX to our validator which in turn secures the SX Network by validating betting outcomes. By staking WSX validators earn a fee of 250 WSX per validated outcome which is approximately a 15% APR.

LiquiStake captures this yield and returns it to the stWSX token holders via daily rebasing. stWSX comes with all the benefits of staking WSX without any of the downside of being locked up. Yield is risk-free and does not put any WSX in a position where it can be lost. There is no slashing risk when staking WSX such as there is when staking ETH.

Secondary Yield Source

LiquiStake DAO Token AirDrop:

We anticipate you can generate an addition 5-10% APR through LiquiStake's DAO Token AirDrop, LQS. Earning points is easy and you can start earning today.

  • Earn points through staking: When you stake at least 100 WSX and hold stWSX or wstWSX you will be eligble to earn AirDrop points. The more stWSX or wstWSX you hold and the long you hold it, the more points you will receive.
  • Claiming your AirDrop: Claiming will begin in the future and you will be able to convert your AirDrop points into LQS, the DAO token for LiquiStake upon launch.
Rewards Statistics