How To Use

Withdrawals & Liquidity

Withdrawing WSX from LiquiStake

Accessing the Withdrawal Feature

  1. Wallet Connection:
    • Navigate to the withdrawal tab of the dapp and click 'Connect Wallet' and choose your wallet provider. Withdrawal-connect

Initiating Withdrawal

  1. Go to 'Request' Section:
    • The 'Request' or 'Claim' button is available for users to switch between the two functions. To start a request, select the 'Request' tab. Request Tab
  2. Enter Withdrawal Amount:
    • Specify the amount of stWSX you wish to convert back to WSX. We will use 100 stWSX in this example. Request Menu and 100 Swap
  3. Confirm Withdrawal:
    • Withdrawal has now been submitted and now cooldown period has started. Withdrawal Confirm and Pending Cooldown

Claiming your withdrawal

  1. Check WSX Balance:
    • Navigate to the 'Claim' button above and select the 'Claim' tab. Claim Tab
    • Once the transaction is processed and the cooldown is over, claimed WSX will appear in this portion of the dapp and you will be able to execute the transaction to claim your WSX. Claim Portion

Accessing the Liquidity Pool on Sharkswap

  1. Head to Sharkswap:
    • Click the button with the Sharkswap logo to navigate to our Liquidity Pool option and click the link to navigate to Sharkswap Option

Launch and use Sharkswap

  1. Enter Swap Amount:

    • Input the amount of WSX you wish to stake. In this example, we will be staking 100 WSX tokens. Stake - Ammount
  2. Confirm Staking Transaction:

    • Adjust the necessary allowances in your wallet and change the allowance approval amount.
    • Review the transaction details, confirm, and execute the transaction to initiate the deposit process.
Wrapping stWSX