Advanced Concepts

Development Roadmap

Upcoming Features

Reduced Cooldown Period for stWSX Withdrawals:

  • We are working on optimizing our cooldown system for the stWSX conversion to WSX in our withdrawals. This upgrade aims to significantly reduce withdrawal times, therby increasing the liquidity within the ecosystem while also providing users the convinence to liquid stake their WSX,

DAO Implementation for LiquiStake:

  • A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) structure is in the pipeline for LiquiStake. This implementation will facilitate a more democratic and decentralized governance model, allowing token holders to have a direct inpact in key decisions and future developments of the protocol.

Development Roadmap

2024 - 2025

Expanding and Optimizing LiquiStake

  • Mainnet Deployment:

    • Objective: Officially launch LiquiStake on the mainnet, marking a significant milestone in the project's development.
    • Integration: Seamlessly integrate the LQS token into the SX ecosystem, enhancing the overall utility and interoperability within the network.
  • Withdrawal Contract Optimization:

    • Efficiency Enhancement: Focus on refining the efficiency and performance of the withdrawal contract, ensuring faster and more reliable transactions for users.
    • Liquidity Provision Program: Develop and enhance the liquidity provision program, aiming to provide more stable and efficient market conditions for LiquiStake users.
  • DAO Rollout:

    • Implementation: Begin the phased implementation of the LiquiStake Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).
    • Community Governance: Establish a governance framework that empowers LQS token holders with decision-making capabilities, fostering a more democratic and community-driven ecosystem.

Long-Term Goals

Fostering Growth and Innovation

  • Scalability Enhancements:

    • Infrastructure Development: Continuously upgrade and expand the supporting infrastructure to accommodate larger trading volumes and a growing user base.
    • Performance Optimization: Ensure that LiquiStake remains scalable, efficient, and capable of handling increased demand without compromising on performance or security.
  • Research and Development in DeFi Innovations:

    • DeFi Protocol Development: Explore and develop new DeFi protocols that can be built on top of LiquiStake and Wrapped Staked WSX, aiming to broaden the range of financial services and products available within the ecosystem.
    • Innovation Focus: Maintain a strong commitment to innovation, staying at the forefront of DeFi advancements and continuously seeking ways to enhance the LiquiStake platform and its offerings.

Community Contributions and Grants

  • Liquistake is commited to fostering a vibrant and innovative community. To support this, we will be offering community grants focused on various aspects of protocol development and promotion. These grants are not limited to but to include:

    • Marketing Initiatives: Funding for community-led marketing campaigns, outreach programs, and educational content creation.

    • Protocol Enhancement Projects: Grants for development projects that propose new features, optimizations, or integrations for LiquiStake.

    • Security Audits and Improvements: Support for initiatives aimed at enhancing the security and robustness of the LiquiStake platform. LiquiStake will also be supporting a bug bounty program.


Token-Based Governance Model:

  • Governance Model: LiquiStake is moving towards a token-based governance model where LQS holders will have voting rights. LiquiStake plans to roll out the full implementation of the DAO while continuing to

  • Snapshot Voting: A structured process for community members to propose changes will be setup on Snapshot. Governance proposals will be reviewed by the community and passed through voting. Voting periods will be set to a default to 3 days.

  • Community Incentives: Incentives for active participation in the protocol have been considered to ensure a diverse range of voices and ideas are represented.

Governance Design & Implementation