Explore our guides to use or integrate LiquiStake.

New to LiquiStake?

Follow this step-by-step guide to quickly get up and running with LiquiStake. You’ll learn the following:

  1. Stake WSX
  2. Wrap stWSX
  3. Collect Rewards
  4. Withdraw stWSX


Quickstart with LiquiStake

Dive into LiquiStake and transform your WSX into a powerhouse of liquidity and yield.


Earn yield from your Liquistake WSX

Trade it

Trade wstWSX for WSX.

Wrap it

Extend the library with third-party plugins or write your own.


Learn to easily customize and modify your app's visual design to fit your brand.

LiquiStake's staked WSX (stWSX) isn't just about earning yields from; it's about empowering you with the freedom to unstake at any moment on SharkSwap, ensuring that your liquidity is always within reach.

Understanding the LiquiStake Protocol

  • The LiquiStake Protocol is the first Liquid staking derivative (LSD) on the SX Network. LiquiStake offers SX Token stakers on the opportunity to maintain liquid while still benefiting from staking yields.

How LiquiStake Works

Exploring stWSX and wstWSX

  • stWSX: Staked Wrapped SX (stWSX) is the liquid staked version of WSX, designed for users who want to enjoy the benefits of regular SX token staking while retaining the ability to trade their staked assets. What sets stWSX apart is its ability to rebase for rewards, capturing the benefits of staking without the typical limitations.

  • wstWSX: As a non-rebasing counterpart to stWSX, wstWSX tracks the total rewards accumulated by both the protocol and stWSX from the inception of wstWSX. It represents a stable, reward-reflective asset for those seeking a more predictable staking experience.

Leveraging the LiquiStake Protocol

  • Unlock the full potential of your WSX tokens with LiquiStake. Our protocol is designed to provide you with unparalleled flexibility and yield opportunities. By staking your WSX with LiquiStake, you're not just holding an asset; you're actively participating in a dynamic ecosystem that rewards you for your engagement.

Depositing into LiquiStake

Step 1: Connect Your Wallet

  • Begin by connecting your digital wallet to the LiquiStake platform. Ensure your wallet contains WSX tokens for staking.

    Step 2: Choose Your Staking Amount

  • Decide how much WSX you want to stake. You can stake any amount, but remember, the more you stake, the higher your potential yield.

    Step 3: Confirm and Stake

  • Review your staking details and confirm the transaction. Your WSX tokens are now staked, and you'll start earning yields immediately.

Wrapping your stWSX

Benifits to Wrapping:

  • Wrapping your stWSX and getting wstWSX provides you with a non-rebasing token that represents your staked value plus accrued rewards. wstWSX is ideal for those seeking a stable representation of their staked assets.

How to wrap your stWSX into wstWSX

Step 1: Preparing to wrap your stWSX

  • Access the 'Wrap' feature on the LiquiStake platform and input the amount of stWSX you would like to wrap. Ensure you have enough stWSX in your wallet.

Step 2: Confirm and wrap

  • Approve the amount of stWSX you would like to wrap and then sign the transaction to recieve wstWSX in exchange for your stWSX.

On-chain liquidity

On-chain liquidity on Sharkswap

  • LiquiStake ensures that your staked assets remain liquid. Trade your stWSX or wstWSX on Sharkswap at anytime.

Withdrawals and Unwrapping

Unwrapping your wstWSX back to stWSX

  • Navigate to the wrap page and select the unwrap option on the app. Users will then be able to unwrap their wstWSX for their stWSX along side the accrued rewards

Withdrawals & Liquidity Pool

  • Withdrawals are currently set to 61 days. Liquistake aims to lower the withdrawal period in the future with additional infrastructure. Should users require immediate liquidity, users can visit Sharkswap and swap their stWSX for WSX.