Core Concepts

LiquiStake Breakdown

LiquiStake Protocol

Revolutionizing Staking:

  • Core Concept: LiquiStake is at the forefront of transforming staking in the cryptocurrency realm. Our protocol enhances the liquidity of staked assets, allowing users to stake digital assets and receive liquid tokens in return.
  • User-Centric Approach: Designed with user experience in mind, LiquiStake addresses the challenge of illiquidity in traditional staking, ensuring a seamless and efficient staking experience.

Staking Mechanics and Strategies

Innovative Staking Solutions:

  • Dynamic Staking Options: LiquiStake offers a liquid staking as a service and has provided protocol owned liquidity to allow for users to seemlessly onboard and offboard their staked WSX.
  • User Empowerment: We provide the tools necessary for users to maximizing their staking potential while maintaining control over their assets.

Withdrawal Process and Validator Infrastructure

Understanding the Withdrawal Process:

  • Withdrawal Mechanics: When users decide to withdraw their staked assets, the process involves converting the staked tokens (stWSX) back to the original (WSX). This process is currently subject to longer waiting periods due to the limitations of our underlying infrastructure but we have liquidity options available for users for a fast exit out of the system.

Current Validator Limitations:

  • Single Validator Model: At present, LiquiStake operates using a single validator. While this model ensures robust security and integrity, it can lead to longer withdrawal times due to the processing capacity limitations of a single validator handling all transactions.
  • Impact on Withdrawal Times: The extended withdrawal periods are a direct result of this single validator setup but with the addition of an actively managed LP, users can easily swap for WSX at any time.

Future Infrastructure Enhancements:

  • Expanding Validator Network: To improve the withdrawal experience for our users, LiquiStake is planning to expand its validator infrastructure. By increasing the number of validators, we aim to distribute the processing load more evenly, thereby reducing withdrawal times significantly.
  • Phased Implementation Approach: This expansion will be implemented in phases to ensure the stability and security of the platform. Our team is committed to maintaining the highest standards of performance and reliability as we scale our infrastructure.
  • Ongoing Commitment to Improvement: LiquiStake is dedicated to continuous innovation and improvement. We are actively exploring additional solutions and technologies to optimize the withdrawal process, ensuring that our users enjoy a seamless and efficient staking experience.
Liquidity Provision